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Friday, August 8, 2014

【W.I.P】2008 BMW E66 7-Series Limousine【Semi-Final Production】

This gonna be my first released limousine production, with much higher degree of completion, such as the stretched part interior, not very good, but still ok if you are not a perfectionist!!:). This limousine was converted based on the BMW E66 760Li, and will come with the 2+2+2 seating with a middle row of rear-facing seats, I took the interior layout of Mercedes Benz Pullman as a reference.

The limo will be converted to a ambassador personel with FBI escort vehicle, sorry for the mission-redesignating to FBI, maybe they don't even have this function, but it is just a game, hope they won't mind!

This car will be released next week, so STAY TUNED!
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